C-2 Grehound landing

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Airplanes.Live was founded by four passionate aviation enthusiasts with a dedicated focus on serving the aviation community. Our website merges multiple receivers to capture ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) and MLAT (Multilateration) data, consolidating feeder data to deliver real-time aircraft data, both in your local area and across the globe. Our mission is to establish an enduring, cost-effective data source for the aviation community, emergency services, developers, and anyone with an interest in aviation, all in the pursuit of the public good.

In recent years, the aviation enthusiast community has witnessed the sale of several aviation-related entities, both commercial and non-commercial. Notably, platforms like FlightAware, FlightRadar24, and ADSBExchange impose substantial fees for data and API access. Our unwavering objective has been to establish a worldwide aviation data aggregation platform that remains accessible to all aviation enthusiasts.

We love planes. We love data.

Our mission and commitment to you is outlined below.

The mission of Airplanes.Live is to aggregate and provide access to a comprehensive repository of unfiltered aviation data. This data collection will not only serve the aviation community but also contribute to the greater good and the continuous operations of our website.

Airplanes.Live will establish an informational website with supporting services.

Airplanes.Live agrees not to sell equity interests of Airplanes.Live to any party; or transfer ownership to any party.

Airplanes.Live may not assign or transfer any part of these terms to another party.

The operators and owners of Airplanes.Live now and in the future will not sell you and your hobby out to the highest bidder.

We are here for the long term. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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