C-2 Grehound landing

Airplanes.live ADS-B CLI options

Find your location (lattitude/longitude) to 5 decimal points and your antenna elevation MSL.

Record the latitude, longitude, and altitude; go to Free Map Tools or Map Coordinates.

Add in the height above ground of the antenna install to the MSL altitude reported by terrain elevation tools.

Visit airplanes.live/myfeed to verify feeder is connected and working.

Restart readsb service

sudo systemctl restart readsb

Show readsb status

sudo systemctl status readsb

Start Feeder Services

sudo systemctl start airplanes-mlat
sudo systemctl start airplanes-feed

Restart Feeder Service

sudo systemctl restart airplanes-feed
sudo systemctl restart airplanes-mlat

Show Feeder Service

sudo systemctl status airplanes-mlat
sudo systemctl status airplanes-feed

Local login / SSH access

Local console login with keyboard or SSH is required.

user: pi
password: adsb123

Consider changing the default password.


978 UAT for US based 2 SDR setups

If you have more than one SDR on the device, label and configure services to use the correct SDR.

Step 1: Stop services that are using the SDRs

sudo systemctl stop readsb
sudo systemctl stop dump978-fa

Step 2: Unplug the 1090 SDR and set the serial for the 978 SDR:

sudo rtl_eeprom -s 978

Step 3: Unplug the 978 SDR and set the serial for the 1090 SDR:

sudo rtl_eeprom -s 1090

Step 4: Unplug both SDRs then plug them back in to make the system aware of the new serials.

A reboot will not completely power cycle the SDR.

Use sudo rtl_test to check if the serials are assigned correctly to the SDRs.

Step 5: Configure services to use the appropriate SDR by serial.

Edit /etc/default/readsb

sudo nano /etc/default/readsb

Add --device 1090

RECEIVER_OPTIONS="--device 1090 --device-type rtlsdr --ppm 0"

Finished with dual SDR setup, reboot!

sudo reboot now
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