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Open-Source Intelligence

What is Opensource Intelligence (OSINT)?

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is defined as intelligence produced by collecting, evaluating and analyzing publicly available information with the purpose of answering a specific intelligence question.

Why is independent ADS-B important?

Independent crowdsourced unfiltered ADS-B and unfiltered MLAT is the only reliable data for OSINT. Airplanes.live is the ONLY independent unfiltered organization aggregating crowdsourced data that is not beholden to corporate interests or driven by profit. All other global sites are commercial entities that must put profits ahead of data, that includes FlightAWare (owned by Raytheon), FlightRadar24 (commercially profit dependent and actively blocking), and ADSBexchange (sold to a private equity Silversmith Capital Partners firm in 2023).

How can my group help?

That's easy! Send us data using our client! Feel free to come talk with us in our Discord and social media!

How can my OSINT organization benefit?

That's easy! Tell your friends, community members, and users to send data to us using our client! Add us to any Pi based ADS-B receiver anywhere in the world. Then you can use our map to see all the data in real-time, from every feed, unfiltered, unblocked, and without bias.

If you would like to be a partner and get listed on our partners page, please reach out in Discord.

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